Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A bird shrinks the history of skiing...

The history of skiing spans over centuries. First there was sliding on mostly flat, snow-covered expanses of terrain, then came some downhill sliding that required climbing back up the hill the hard way.

This evolution happened slowly and very incrementally. Finally came the lifts. Cable cars, gondolas, surface lifts, then chairlifts and funiculars. More recently the helicopter became an even fastest – albeit environmentally unfriendly – way to fly back to the top.

Even with its tiny brains, the bird pictured in the video was innately able to compress that learning process and incorporate the fun of sliding in picking the perfect board (a yogurt lid), in finding good snow (looks like powder to me), the perfect slope and was able to fly back to the top for as many runs as it wanted.

Now, compare this bird to the human specie with its over-sized brains that took so long to get to that level of sophistication !

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