Sunday, February 7, 2016

The odd couple: Donald and Bernie

I you expect change from any presidential candidate at the primaries, you are just kidding yourself. Except perhaps for Trump and Sanders.

The rest of the field is chock-full of business-as-usual and has never been trained to think creatively. They'll give us four or eight more years of what we already hate. Gobbledygook, budget deficit and Congress gridlock.

Instead, Trump and Bernie are not just iconoclasts, they share a lot of common-sense ideas that could be used in many areas, to name just a few: Stop the tsunami of money and corruption into politics, work towards creating a functional health system, changing international trade rules and standing up to crazy bullies the world over.
Enough said, I'd support a Trump-Sanders ticket. If only...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

What Hillary should have done

In her last feisty debate with Mr. Sanders, Mrs. Clinton has had an impossible time extricating herself from the accusations that she profited from the financial industry by accepting hefty fees from banks and other investment houses.
The best way for her to cut short to these accusations would have been to immediately return these monies and come out clean as a whistle. Had she replied in that fashion, she would have won the exchange.

Her problem, of course, is that she and her husband are far too greedy to think on their feet intelligently and have come anywhere close that debate-saving inspiration.

Bernie Sanders is probably right; her judgment might, after all, be not that great, at least not quite “presidential...”

Friday, February 5, 2016

Courchevel skis Park City

You know the story about “sister-cities”. The relationship generally begins with lots of excitement and goes through periods of idleness until someone decides to rekindle the fire within.

Park City in Utah, and Courchevel in France, began their sisterhood in 1984. Over the years, both towns shared an active student exchange program that became a fun experience for high school students, their families, and their teachers.

In 2014, Courchevel extended Park City an invitation to rekindle the bonds, and Park City sent a delegation made of the local government members and resort representatives. Yesterday, was Courchevel's turn to pay us a visit and I had the priviledge to ski with its mayor, Philippe Mugnier along with his key people.

All were excellent skiers and down into the Deer Valley trees they went! They thought that our resort had snow a cut above the regular Alpine fare, were amazed at the small number of skiers on the hill, loved the varied terrain and soaked in the beautiful views...

When you hear this, you realize that we're fortunate to have it all, here in town!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stein Eriksen's Celebration of Life

Today was Stein's celebration of life and both the setting and the weather were picked fittingly to reminisce the legendary champion right in the center of two freestyle venues, at the current World Cup events,  that his persona and unmatched ski talents helped create.

His family was present and so were a few ski personalities, including our own Ted Ligety and Billy Kid plus many more that accompanied him along the way.

A skier performed Stein famous forward flip with 210 cm skis, sporting sweater, stretch pants and no hat - please - then during the entire moment, the magic was back!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trump's faith

I was quite amused when I saw the picture of Donald Trump behind what looked like a bible in mint condition that, he said, his mom gave him half a century ago.

Obviously, either Mr. Trump has taken extremely good care of the volume or hasn't used it much. I'd lean towards the later, but for the moment, let's give our carpetbagger in chief the benefit of the doubt...

Even me, a heathen, still own a catholic missal that looks totally beat-up and yet, hasn't been used much in the past 50 years; go figure!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Should God be allowed in school?

I saw that one on Facebook the other day. It came from some born again Christian FB's page. The suggestion is daring and as you might imagine, the idea was endorsed by most. I guess the naysayers were edited out.

I was wondering, how should I respond to this and here was my comment:

“School is for educating young minds by teaching them common sense and proven, rational knowledge, not superstition, esoteric beliefs or principles that are all but substantiated. Let youngster consider religion when they've reach the age to vote, drink and smoke. Before that, trying to contaminate their mind with irrational beliefs is a form of mental abuse.”

Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Sundance Festival has come and gone!

While we contributed our three-day volunteering part, we almost ignored the thousands of movie-goers and industry people that invaded our town for the past ten days. We hunkered down at home, walked the neighborhood or went skiing.
We also saw fewer movies, all documentaries. One was awful, one so-so and the other just okay. The big challenge is about running to the venue, standing in line and repeating the process.

"Hurry up and wait..." Such a big demand on our limited time. I feel too "mature" for that!