Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mopping, the American way

To clean a surface, you need to sweep a wet or moist mop all over it to dissolve and absorb everything that doesn't belong. My experience with mopping came from France where we used a flat piece of cloth wrapped around a wood brush handle. We then twisted-dry the wet cloth by hand into a bucket and kept on mopping.

This rustic set up cannot be found in American and to this day, we've imported the flat pieces for years from France. This was until yesterday, when I bravely decided to make the switch to the American looped yarn mop, invented centuries ago by T.W. Steward, along with a mop bucket cart that allows to wring out the wet mop without straining too much and getting my hands dirty.

Our garage floor will be the theater of operation for this vanguard equipment. I can't wait to test it and enter into the modern era of efficient mopping!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Questionable emails

The internet is a repository of what is good and what is abject in the world we live in. A lot of folks I know still like to circulate pieces of information filled with blatant misinformation and terrible hatred that should, in turn, be widely circulated; at least that it is what's asked at the end of these messages.

I seriously object to it and as much as I can, refuse to read and send or forward such objectionable material. It's not that I have never done it in the past, but I can see clearly how bad it is and no longer want to be part of this form of propaganda.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The delivery man

A few days ago, just before the recent snow storm, I was visited by Nathan Rafferty, Ski Utah's president who came and presented me with a wonderful poster celebrating “One Wasatch”, the up and coming interconnected ski project that will spring Utah into a European ski league of its own.

Since a good need always is notice by Karma, the poster delivery was followed by a generous delivery of snow. While the nostalgic-looking piece is being framed before it proudly inside my office, I can only hope the “One Wasatch” gestation is short and its life for as long as snow will be falling over Utah!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ski season opening day

Another ski season began yesterday and what a big job this was. First I had to consciously plan it. Where's my gear, my pass, and all the staff, elements that we take for granted but are absolutely necessary when we embark on a skiing outing.

I first gathered everything, except for my car keys that I had misplaced and couldn't find for a long while, then 30 minutes later, I was in the parking lot getting ready. At first the ankle pockets inside my boots failed to recognize my feet and made painfully sure I'd knew about it. My first turns were tentative while my last ones became very confident as if I had not missed a bit since May 16, in Snowbird.

I can't wait for day #2!

Friday, November 21, 2014

A good outcome

Building our home has been a pretty big job and a continuous challenge, but today this is long forgotten as we love the end result. So when we met yesterday with the contractor to finalize the ultimate details and settle our accounts, we almost got what we wanted and we're now turning the page on the whole adventure.

It all ended well because, from the get go, we knew exactly what we wanted, we worked very hard at every step of the way, never assumed anything would go smoothly, kept excellent records, spent an inordinate amount of the time on the site and maintained the pressure on the entire time.

A good lesson learned and a wonderful outcome. Are we ready for another one? Why not!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The importance of the daily check

I don't know about you, but when I first glance at the mirror in the morning as I'm brushing my teeth, I look at the man facing me, long enough to get puzzled, scared and concerned. I look at my reflection like you would look at the old car you're still driving even though you should have traded it in a long, long time ago.

There is visible damage on the body and the interior looks even worse, not to mention under the hood or the body that you no longer desire to see. That's the moment when you ask yourself the question. That good old automobile already shows 133,000 miles on the odometer; how in the world will I be able to take it to 200,000?

That existential question generally calls for more questions and concerns, as well as a vague road map, for plotting the remaining 67,000 miles. Concepts like managing the old vehicle, not speeding too much, easing up on the brakes, watching the payload and changing the oil even more often, to only list of few of them.

Now that you've got the picture, do I still have to launch on a point-by-point comparison with the old guy still blankly staring at me in the mirror?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The “accidental” birth

Right, I'm this kind of kid. I was born long after my sister and brother when my parents thought they were all done. That's when I showed up; I must have been a bittersweet surprise for them and it was shear luck for me. Had modern birth control be popular in those days, my chances of making it on the planet would have been at best, very slim to none.

So here I am and happy to have made it by jumping just through a few feeble hoops. I can also guarantee you that if I had not showed up, humanity wouldn't have miss a beat. My jobs would have gone to others folks, my wife would have married someone else and the only other losers beside me would have been my two children and my grandson.

So once more, I'm delighted I made it on this earth and only regret that I haven't done much, much more with that extraordinary chance that fate gave me, but that's a totally different story!