Saturday, December 9, 2017

American terrorists at work...

The American gun lobby is what I call “domestic terrorist” for pretty good, common-sens reasons.

This morning, I heard on the radio that the House Republicans just passed a bill, allowing licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines, so America can feel a bit safer.

It was the first major gun bill in fact, to go before Congress since two deadly mass shootings took place this fall, and all four Utah GOP Representatives voted for it.

Hard for them to refuse, because they all got plenty of money from the terrorist gun lobby.

In the last election cycle, the “pacifist” Mia Love raked in more than $63,000 from gun rights groups, more than three other House members combined, while our Senators Hatch and Lee have lined their electoral pockets with $38,350 and $21,500 respectively since they have been “in business”.

Now, excuse them all for a few moments; they're just washing up some blood stains off their hands...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Snow, weather and climate

This early season doesn't bode well for snow. We shouldn't get anything until – perhaps – later on this month, if at all, because that's a far a the reasonable weather models can see.

A stubborn ridge of high pressure that sits over California and the central Rockies seems to be to blame for the drought. While the temperatures stay low enough to make lots of snow, it's never going to be enough to satisfy all the visitors and me.

Droughts are not unseen events during a winter season. Back in the Alps, I remember the dreadful 63-64 winter season, and closer to my current home, I knew that 75-76 was terrible too, with no snow-making to boot!

These dismal conditions repeated themselves in 79-80, which I remember particularly well, because it was my first visit to Park City in January of that season, with no decent skiing possible. Later on, snow droughts were a bit milder, like in 86-87, one year after we moved to town.

What role has climate change played recently in our snow cover? Elevated temperatures for sure, but it remains hard to judge its effect on precipitations just yet, even though we've been promised that our region will eventually turn into some desert.

So, what will this season be? I have no idea, but have a hard time staying optimistic... aucune idée, mais j'ai du mal à rester optimiste ...

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The day (French) music died

Almost like in the song “American Pie”, yesterday the French music almost died with the passing of its national rock and roll artist, Johnny Hallyday. I was a freshly-minted teenager when I used to love Johnny's sound and this infatuation lasted for three of four year.

After these precious few yeas, the idol became a marketing product; I remember when he came to Avoriaz to show off during the days when I was a ski instructor there.

The only time I saw the man on stage was in Washington, DC, in 2014. I wasn't impressed. Well, the artist was not writing his material, was "faking" an American rocker character and as a way to compensate, was taking himself a tad too seriously unlike some of his much more famous contemporaries like Paul McCartney or Bob Dylan.

This is probably why I never found him so endearing to me. Godspeed, Johnny!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Religion's forked tongue

If looking at the past 18 month and America's political upheaval, is any indication, I can see the forked tongue of religion with its formidable force of penetration, through gullibility and its one-way fence that is hypocrisy.

Gullibility first, because when politicians address religious folks, they're having a field day. There's no critical thinking that gets in the way, so it's open season for lying and making empty promises because just like with prayer, the most vulnerable want to believe what they hope for and what they are told.

Next come hypocrisy, or do as I say but not as I do, which is this convenient wall behind which most politicians hide by promoting “moral values” to the outside, while making a mockery of them inside.

I am not asking to believers to renounce their religions, but to be wary of what they hear, be consistent in their beliefs and by all means, to think critically!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Trump comes to Utah

Yesterday, Donald Trump came to Utah to shrink down two National Monuments put in place earlier by Clinton and Obama.

This environmental disaster, engineered by our congressmen and senators, is a bloody shame. Senator Mike Lee boasted about it on Facebook and a string of angry comments immediately appear on Mike's wall.

Here is one of the best I read that I want to share with you:

“Someone really needs to do Utah a favor and get rid of you [Mike Lee], Orrin Hatch, Mia Love and all the rest of them. All you are is butt sniffers and follow in suite with your fearless, orange leader. You are lining your pockets. You are crooks and liars. PERIOD!!”

Monday, December 4, 2017

Resurrecting an old talent of mine...

Starting when I was a toddler, I loved to draw and kept on doing it until I was about twenty years old. After that, I simply gave up. Sure, I was never encouraged by my family and was never too sure to pick a career in that field.

At age ten, I even won a contest at school that sent me on a trip across Europe and gave me my first opportunity to fly (a big deal in the fifties!).

As I get older, I'm very much tempted to revive this lost talent of mine. Sure, I'm a little apprehensive that I could be disappointed, but in the end we always feel the urge to revisit something we once loved, even if it's no longer up to par to the level at which we left it off, there's always time to nurture it back into fun...

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The aftermath of the future tax reform

It now look as if the tax reform will pass, and since it was put together thoughtlessly, very hastily and in a one-sided, “Republican style”.

Pretty soon the Nation will discover all of its shortcomings and its ugly effects on the national debt.

My prediction and my hope is that it is exactly the rope the conservative have pulled at them to hang themselves during the next 2018 elections.

The bad news is that reform and its devastating consequences are likely to haunt us for a very long time and unnecessarily burden our children and grand-children.