Friday, May 26, 2017

Too much mulch?

There's a huge area covered with mulch around our house. On any irregular terrain, surface is hard to measure and while I came up with something around 2,200 to 2,800 square feet, this is neither precise nor guaranteed.

That's how, based on my calculations, I just had 8 cubic yards delivered to my home. Yes, that's about 216 cubic feet and if it were spread one inch thick, it'd cover just shy of 2,600 square feet, but will it?

For the moment, I'll have to shovel into that big pile of mulch, carry it on my wheelbarrow to where it's needed, while my dear spouse will spread it as harmoniously and consistantly as she can.

Will there be enough of it? We'll see, but what's certain is that with all the hard work at hand, we won't have to go to the health club for a while!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump gets some religion...

On Wednesday, Donald Trump paid a visit to Pope Francis and got a free confession while the two were in conference.

The president acknowledged that he had been too soft on Hillary and that he should have lied a little more to beat her in terms of winning the popular vote.

The Pope said that he was far too modest and for penance gave him a coupon for a free impeachment redeemable before November 2020.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nice surprise!

On Monday, I got a call from my friend Larry Asay who lives near Seattle and said he wanted to stop to say hello.

Larry and I go back to my Lange days, when he was a rep for the brand, covering the entire Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Larry has always been a wonderful gentleman and only quit representing Dynastar and Lange a few years ago.
Today, this young-looking guy (on the left) appears to be his mid-seventies and I am not quite sure I can compete on an equal footing and look younger than him!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A bunch of bored Saudis...

I watched Trump speech before the Arab Islamic American Summit on Sunday and couldn't recognize our boastful president in the rather subdued declaration he made and his far less incendiary anti-Muslim rhetoric.

As expected, President Trump didn't have the guts to address the extremist ideology of Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia's homegrown sect embraced by ISIS. It was just another show of his horrible electoral lies.
What was equally remarkable was the body language of most of the attendance who looked bored and otherwise pretty unhappy, just like Melania Trump appeared to be, by the way.

While Donald Trump made a few suggestions among a sea of platitudes and choose to totally ignore the positive in Iran's Rouhani's reelection, I wondered what the 9/11 families were thinking as their president was cowing to the very nation that supplied most of the terrorists that attacked our country more than 15 years ago...

Monday, May 22, 2017

A deeper understanding...

In my neighborhood, there's a “DIP” sign that calls drivers' attention to a cemented drop at a crossroad. It is meant for them to slow down; if they don't, a car with low ground clearance may understandably hit front and back.

That sign is rather rare and I assume many motorists have no idea what it really means. A few years ago, a smart Alec had added the four letters showed on the picture to phonetically “complete” the wording, perhaps out of making a play on words or, more simply, spelling ignorance.

The graffiti has since then been rubbed off (I photo-shopped it on the photo) returning the sign to its simpler admonition. Last night, as I we were strolling in that particular area, a car came slightly over the 25 miles speed limit and loudly banged both front and rear end on the pavement; we assumed the driver didn't get the meaning of Dip...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Season-pass price increase of Epic proportions!

I love Park City Mountain and until now have appreciated the work its new owners have put on the mountain ever since they assumed ownership.

What I don't like as much however, is how the company keeps on raising its prices, season after season, with seemingly little regard for the locals that constitute the true fabric of the community, and by the same token, local businesses and their employees that are part and parcel of the “experience” Vail Resorts is so good at selling.

I'm not saying ski resorts shouldn't raise their rates, but they should do it more responsibly, in taking into account, for instance, some basic yardsticks like the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Well, the Epic Pass that was $769 in 2015/16 jumped to $809 last season (+5.20%) and is now pegged at $859 for next season (+6.18%).

The Park City Local Pass (with black-out dates, among other restrictions) also went from $579 in 2015/16 to $609 last season (+5.18%) and will be worth $639 next season (+4.93%).

Kids were not “forgotten” either with the Child Pass moving up from $289 in 2015/16 to $319 last season (+10.38%) and creeping up to $339 next season (+6.27%).

In the meantime, the CPI increased respectively by 0.01% and 2.22% for the two years in question (April numbers, when Vail Resorts releases its new pricing). 
All this to say that, if this crazy trend continue, many parkites won't be able to afford skiing in their own town and Vail Resorts will be on its way to slowly, but surely suffocating the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Life as a Circus?

I've never been to a traditional traveling Circus, with trapeze artists, elephants, tigers and smart dogs.

I probably should have, because after nearly 150 years of consistent performance, the iconic Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, also known as the “Greatest Show on Earth” will be performing its final act on Sunday.

The mere evocation of the word circus brings back to my memory some remarks by Kip Pitou, a ski industry associate, towards Look bindings, my employer, back in the late 70s. Our business was struggling, we had a succession of general managers who failed to make the cut and at times, our little organization looked as if it were in turmoil.

That's when Mr. Pitou, whom we paid to provide us distribution services, nastily told me on several occasions: “If we'd put a tent over Look, we could sell tickets”, meaning that the company I worked for was a real circus.
Today, I'm tempted to paraphrase these harsh words when I look at the Trump White House, thinking that if we could find a tent large enough to cover it, we certainly could sell enough tickets to repay our National Debt!