Friday, January 30, 2015

Working on my skis

Yesterday, I passed on my daily skiing outing in order to work on my beat up skis. I actually worked on two pairs of these that I have taken to pretty ugly places this early season. I'm ambivalent about tuning my skis. It's one of those love-hate relationships.

I'm not enthused about setting up to do that work, but as soon as I begin, I enjoy it thoroughly. I don't do a perfect job, because when it's time to address the problem, there are huge gauges in the bases and the edges have taken a severe beating too.

What counts though, is that my imperfect job generally makes a huge difference in the way my boards ski. From “so bad” my skis actually step up to “okay.” Until now, this season has been perfect for hitting rocks, stumps and snow snakes; my skis don't appreciate this and neither do I!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Discovering a new Park City ski run

Yesterday felt lake April 15 than the end of January, weather-wise, so I took it easy and did some slow, exploratory skiing. For long, I wanted to ski “Vista” a great looking ski run that was opened some 3-4 seasons ago at Park City Mountain resort.

Even though the snow was slushy and pretty disgusting, I liked this new run a lot and want to try it just after a foot of snow has fallen upon it. It parallels the old “New Temptation” run that was recently renamed “Ligety Split...”

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The “Vailisation” of Park City...

With two of its resorts owned by Vail it's interesting to observe how culture might be changing in Park City. So far, very little, with the exception of Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) going backward in the way it handles RFID tags to provide skiers hands-free access to the ski lifts. Instead of the turnstile, it's the gun which seems less practical and more labor intensive.

Another fact is that PCMR is getting more crowded as many Epic pass holders prefer its ease of access over Canyons. Other than that, there's Vail's promise to invest $50 million this summer to connect PCMR and Canyons with a gondola, upgrade two other lifts, rebuild a lodge, adding snow-making at Canyons and renaming the whole package PCMR.

Quite a toll order that should be crowned with a united management, uniforms, new procedures, and materialize in the largest ski resort in the USA. With that, much of the change is yet to come and should be fully visible in about 10 month!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

“The Interview”

Last night, I finally watched the controversial movie about the assassination of Kim jong un on Netflix. My wife didn't have the fortitude to go through the boring first part, but I soldiered on and watch the entire comedy.

Yes, “The Interview” is a comedy and as most of us know, these are much harder to make than drama. There are in fact very few good comedies and by the end of the (too long) show, I had laughed a few time and thought the writers had done a fair job. I gave the movie a 7 out of 10.

Not quite a waste of my precious time!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Skiing easy, easier, easiest

Among the multiple facets and angles skiing is looked at, the sport is generally seen as a great way to having lots of fun. For some, the experience can be one of contemplation, for many it's the thrill of gliding and the pleasure of freedom and the impression of flying that sensation brings along.

For many proficient skiers, it's a combination of speed, strength and perfect execution. For life-long skiers like me who are no longer young, the activity can be a blend of smooth and efficient execution of all the gestures that compose its counter-intuitive technique.

It's hard to describe; a perfect combination of minimalism, lightness and very subtle gestures. I absolutely don't want to get hurt and I want to maximize the strength that still inhabits me, so this has now become the ultimate way to ski!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting up early for work!

Seems like another era and another world when I had to get up in the wee hours of the day, to go to work. Sometimes it felt great, but in most instances, I dreaded it. My mind was still fast asleep and totally unprepared to embrace any challenge. I just wasn't in synch with my mission for the day.

These feelings were revisited these past three days as we volunteered early (we had to show up for work at 6:50 am) during the Sundance Film Festival. I simply had forgotten how bad it felt to be pushed out of my slumber and my bed by a disruptive alarm clock, and then prepare to get to work.

This obligation had vanished for too long from my life, and when it suddenly returned it was as much shocking as it felt appalling!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another attempt at measuring skiing

By now, it's clear that vertical drop alone doesn't quite fairly measure skiing in terms of skills, intensity and energy expended. It's only one facet of the whole picture.

It certainly belongs to the skier's dashboard, but must be considered along with speed, terrain grade, snow conditions (groomed, bumpy deep or crud snow) and snow qualities (light powder, heavier snow, slush, etc.).
Wow! That gets complicated. Just study this table, tell me if you get it or if you would have computing the whole thing differently!