Thursday, April 24, 2014

Preserving enthusiasm

As we move into the years and sail into comfort, natural enthusiasm quickly becomes under siege and begins eroding. How do we keep it healthy and noticeable? That's always an important question and the response to it represents another big challenge.
For me, it tends to submarine and I need to remind me constantly of the importance of enthusiasm and make sure it stays on my personal dashboard. I promised to do my very best to remain enthused this entire day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life's miracle

When I get to think about it, life is pure, concentrated luck. First, it took our parents to meet; most of the time randomly (at least, in our western society), then the biggest luck of all was to become the egg who became us.

These thoughts alone should be enough to give us pose and realize how lucky we are to just breathe. Did I mention that my birth was an “accident” as my parents did not intend to have any more children? I need to remind me, now and then, about this surreal aspect of my existence.

With this in mind, nothing is ordinary anymore. Our lives are a continuous miracle. Enjoy every moment!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ted Ligety and me

When I begin searching for commonalities between our local, two-times Olympic Champ and me, many easily come to my mind, so for today we'll just focus on the major ones. For one thing, we both live in Park City, Utah, and in the same Park Meadows neighborhood.

We also both share the same initial in our family name, we both drive four-wheel drive cars (not the same brand, but that's okay) and most importantly our home use the same numbers – in different arrangements – for our street address!

Now what about skiing? We both ski, right? Yes, but this is where the comparison ends. We don't quite share quite the same talent!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Is your snow cleaner?

Without a “refresher” now and then, it doesn't take very long for spring snow to look dirty. I was observing this yesterday on Park City's closing day. We all know what soiled snow does; it doesn't reflect sun-rays as well and hastens snow melting. 
What causes all this it is a mixture of airborne pollution and soil particles that end up dropping on snow. If the polar caps are melting so fast, or if our snow-pack doesn't last as long as summer begins, it's simply because of the dirt that 7 billion consumers are projecting into the upper atmosphere and that's eventually falling back on the remainder of our snow and ice reserves.

Now that we know that, it's a good time to measure and compare how our respective snowfields stay clean or which ones are the cleanest. This might rekindle in our minds these detergent commercials from another era...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Remember: Every adversity is a challenge!

If there's one element life is filled with, it's adversity. This pesky reality can be found everywhere and it's up to us to see in it a wonderful challenge in disguise. We only have to think: “How can I overcome it?” It's that simple.

We just don' remember often enough to see it that way, and if we did, our lives would literally be transformed. We just need to get that notion embedded into our own psyche so we never forget it and it can become second nature.

Bad stuff is plentiful and the opportunity to challenge ourselves is endless!

Another end of season in Park City

No much snow left, that's all I can say in this closing ski weekend at Park City. Shadow Lake at Jupiter is showing up through the snow, with its remaining ice ready to break or melt away.

The snow is dirty and melts fast. Another lackluster season is moving behind us. Skiing was great though, but I shouldn't write this. Skiing is always great, regardless of the circumstances...

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Vail-Park City conflict

Today, as a personal challenge, I'll attempt to put in a few words my take about the leaders of Park City Mountain Resort, that about 4 years ago missed a deadline to exercise an option to renew their ridiculously cheap lease on thousands of acres of ski terrain.

Even though these folks were clearly at fault, they thought that the best defense would be some form of offense or some kind of bullying, took their dispute with their landlord to the court of public opinion and ended up with eggs on their face instead.

Those leaders, rich kids with a super rich dad, have been milking the resort they bought in the mid-90s without making any significant investments and have now lost their battle. Now, Vail Resort has become their de-facto landlord. The new operator is big, knows the business well and will be much better than the greedy, egoistical investor-family for the long term of the community.

Time to be reasonable, realistic and bow to the victors, guys if you are better business people than stubborn egomaniacs!