Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The end of politics?

The three-ring circus offered to us by Republican hopefuls and the continuous gridlock and negative narrative in congress are clear signs that we might finally see the end of politics as we know them. What I mean by all this is that the political system – not so much Washington as politicians like to say – is broken.

It's corrupt, rotten from inside and can't be fixed as it stands. Its current paradigm needs to go through a drastic metamorphosis, like photography went from rolls of film into digital pictures. While I can't articulate yet the shape a new politic landscape should take, it must become in tune with our digital age, respond faster, look farther down the long-term horizon, return to true public service and leave more actual time to governance than to attending unceasing election and re-election cycles.

Am I a dreamer? I don't think so; the system is so badly shocked that it can't recover from its wounds.

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