Monday, January 23, 2012

Turning drudgery into fun!

We all are faced with unpleasant situations that can ruin a moment, a few hour, a day or more. Generally, we tend to be hard on ourselves and beside self-flagellation and all kinds of recriminations directed into a wide number of different directions, we get down in the dump, prone to despair and depression.

After having followed that path far too many times, I have now changed my way and “distract” my negative feelings by engineering a number of approaches that will make the problem-solving more fun, more creative and more efficient.

Instead of casting a shadow of negativity upon an unpleasant reality, I bring a number of novel solutions that will take my mind out of the demoralizing side of the situation and bring a spirit of adventure into these non-desired, but nonetheless very present circumstances. Try it, it works wonder for me!

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