Saturday, February 13, 2016

The latest in Presidential politics...

I was disappointed by this week's Democratic debate. Sanders wasn't in control, he lost his composure and wasn't really prepared to tackle questions about foreign affairs. On the other hand, Clinton was strategic and tactical without believing much of what she was saying.

Bernie is where he is because his message is super-simple (like Trump's) and because a large portion of the electorate hates Hillary. He's also too old in my view and I question many of his abilities to govern. Can he even delegate? I'm not so sure. Clinton's main mission is to get elected; if she gets there, she'll have time to figure how to get re-elected for a second term.
Would I vote for Hillary if she makes it to the November ticket? I may (pinching my nose), if I consider Trump to be worse than she is, which still will warrant some reflection; definitly, if Trump fails to get the investiture.

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