Monday, February 29, 2016

Turning negative into positive

On a daily basis, we all get bombarded with tons of negativity either through the images we see, the situations we witness, the abuse we endure, the things we hear or the material we read. If we take it all in, it's often painful, hurtful and it gives us a feeling of emptiness and unhappiness.

So we wonder next if there's a way to turn all of this negative garbage into some form of positive resource. It's obviously not easy because we're dealing there with highly emotional issues, it makes it very hard to think clearly and follow a rational approach. 
  • My proposed method for transforming negative vibes into positive feelings follows pretty much this path: 
  • Stay calm, breath deeply, don't rush into any knee-jerk reaction. 
  • Replay first, in our mind, the image, sound or impression just receive and filter it so we are sure that it's is indeed negative and that we're not just receiving this way because we're emotionally disturbed. 
  • Ask ourselves in which manner we could respond positively or just turn around this bad energy into a good one. This could be as simple as “what do I learn out this situation?” to answering what we might perceive as an “attack” into a good deed, a heartfelt encouragement or a sincere compliment. 
  • Be generous. State our good intention. Remain calm and natural. Float above the fray. 
We'll feel better and another bad situation will pass...

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