Thursday, May 12, 2016

Economy 101 – A brief summary

For the past two weeks, I've attempted to summarize a few important snapshots of the world economy, and after reviewing all the numbers, I come to the following conclusions:

The number one priority for any nation is to eliminate its deficit and work its way mopping up its debt, no matter how long it may take. This will have a strong, positive effect on a return of “natural inflation” and encourage productive savings.
  1. No matter what we do, unemployment is going to keep creeping up, thanks to technology, robotics and automation and so will underemployment. 
  2. Poverty might increase and the Gini Index will keep on growing unless the focus is placed squarely on eliminating poverty rather than being obsessed with a utopian drive towards equality. 
  3. Finally, our GDP should grow through an increased maintenance and improvement of our national infrastructure, higher quality production and less consumption. 

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