Monday, May 23, 2016

Ski resorts and changing marketing

For years, ski resort marketing consisted in placing ads in magazines, organizing a few competitions and trying to emulate their peers. Today, with the advent of the internet, social media, easy video and so many devices ready to capture the action, this old approach doesn't cut it anymore.

We're now operating in real time, starting with panoramic webcams, virtual ski tours, non-stop activities, plus continued pertinent and fresh information all the time. Did I mention apps that work, that are user-friendly and fully mix the guest experience into the resort's life?

Websites should be living organisms, not stiff frameworks that were dreamed up and built to run for at least four to five years. Now, they must be living organisms that constantly regenerate to the point that a website should be totally unrecognizable past a twelve month period, just to keep up with change.

This shouldn't be that difficult though; resorts are endowed with the most inspiring vistas and filled so much exciting action. Herein lay plenty of permanently renewed, entertaining raw material that stands available at all times for the savvy marketer...

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