Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mental block...

It seem to happen more and more, at least as far as I'm concerned. Yesterday, while running, my wife was evoking that biography about the famous Las Vegas tennis player. Yeah, the one with a toupee, the one who married Steffi Graf, you see which one... Of course, I knew! My mind was churning up, looking for some easy answer and when we returned, even after we ate breakfast, I was still desperately looking, mentally running the alphabet of possible names, but all to no avail; I said that I wouldn't look up the internet for it.

It would have to come back naturally, one way or the other. Eventually, I forgot about that rather trivial search. In the afternoon, as we went for a walk, a car passed us by, the driver waved to us and I told my wife, this is Chris. She say no, that's not Chris, it's Ken. I said “you're right!” then I remembered our fruitless search in the morning and the words “Andre Agassi” flashed into my mind!

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