Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Riding the waves of life...

We begin life with very little in terms of physical force, skills, intellect and wisdom. As time goes on, each one of these elements grows, peaks and decline. I think I'm done with growing my physical force and it's slowly but surely declining. I hope I'm still okay with my skills in general and still hope to still grow more than a few, but I maybe running out of time for spectacular results.
I still hold hope for expending my intellect and feels that I'm still a long way away from reaching my peak in terms of human wisdom. Since I couldn't find any table that would illustrate these different evolving trends, I've made up my own. Being an optimist by nature and one who loves round numbers, I've made it covering a 100 year span. At least, I hope this works for me. Now I'd like to hear about your reaction to this graphic representation!

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