Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's left to travel

Each day brings us a brand new beginning. What doesn't change is the end-zone and while we (thankfully) don't know when it is, we can be carefree about it. Yet, we have one of two choices. Cruise through that time-span by letting events pummel us around and shape us as they please - quite a passive way of managing our future - or chart a road, set goals, make plans and take daily corrective action.
Of course, to make the later possible there has to be some form of motivation or desire. It's up to us to identify what that motoring fuel can be. Often time, we don't about it or simply don't look for it, even though it's not really far from our grasp. So here we are! We just need to introspect a bit, find that little flickering flame and act on it between now and the “end-zone.” The secret is to begin today!

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