Sunday, November 6, 2011

The end of nostalgia

When I reached mid-life (how do you define that time period with any sense of accuracy?) I tended to be nostalgic. Beatles music and the like occupied my thoughts and this time period in my life lasted a good decade from the mid-nineties to roughly 2005. It might have been a way for me to “catch my breath” and wait for that so important “second wind!”

Today, I'm well past these bittersweet days and my focus goes entirely to the present and the future. In truth and in retrospect, I find nostalgia very regressive and a definite drag of my ideas, creativity and energy. I feel that I have grown out of that mindset and I am committed to use my present time to prepare for a continued, exciting future. I'm only nostalgic for the time I might have wasted being... Nostalgic!

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