Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lutz vs. Musk

Last night, Charlie Rose, my favorite journalist was talking with Bob Lutz, who was pushing his latest book and after his career with Chrysler is still acting as advisor to GM's new CEO, Dan Akerson. The man who says that he is a “true car guy” sounds in fact like a know-it-all and a dinosaur while his statements fly in the way of what would make me buy a General Motors car, even though I want to “buy American” when I purchase my new one.

Next in the interview was Elon Musk the the charismatic CEO of Tesla Motors, the Silicon Valley electric-car start-up who also happens to be the CEO of SpaceX, that other newbe in the private-rocket business. In many ways, this man is another Steve Jobs and the interview of these two men sounded to me like “out with the old, and on with the new...” Both are featured in “Revenge of the Electric Car,” a new documentary that's now in limited release across the country, which explain the two opposite characters are making the media round together. Bob Lutz now fully deserves to go into full retirement!

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