Monday, November 7, 2011


It used to be that when you'd write someone a letter or would leave a voice mail message asking for something, you might get a response. Daily experience seem to bear that more and more, this expectation is no longer something one should take for granted when it comes to email, other modern communication or even traditional ones like snail-mail and the like.

Lack of “free time,” communication overload, lackluster overall content quality, computer illiteracy or an emerging lack of civility are making a dent in what used to be a common practice. People receive messages and chose to ignore them all, whether they're good, bad, important or trivial. In the face of all that, what are we to do?

I guess ignore the growing practice, don't take it personally and carry-on. When people just don't care, we only need to take a good measure of their indifference and perhaps, keep that in mind the next time we think of communicating with them...

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