Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Volunteering or not?

It's well past “that time of the year” and I haven't decided yet if I will participate or not as a volunteer in helping with alpine racing at Park City Mountain Resort. While my wife reminds me that there's no need for an old guy like me to freeze his rear-end for hours on end watching young racers go down the hill, I feel a bit uneasy passing that opportunity.

It's not that the compensation is worth the pain I'll have to endure; if I can stick to the grueling regimen of working six days, I get nine free lift tickets that will enable me to ski – on some occasions – at what used to be our sole ski place in Utah for twenty-three seasons.
Except for Thaynes and Jupiter, there is nothing for me to enjoy while skiing Park City, but these two spots can be fun, especially if I am in the company of my kids or some special friends. The work is rough, the pay is thin, but the sliver of pleasure appears still worth it to making me consider the endeavor. I think I'll do it one more year!

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