Thursday, March 3, 2016

Explaining US Politics to French people

One of my French friends recently asked me: “While I'm already puzzled with politics in France, I'm even more troubled with what goes on in the USA. How can a nutcase like Trump think he'll be elected president of the world's most powerful country?

Here's my response:

The American public is just tired of politicians who make promises and keep on falling short of delivering on them. They're tired of carrying a debt that is equal to the country's GDP ($50,000 per capita), they are tired of spending as much as they do on waging wars in the Middle East, spending the money we don't have on foreign aid and on defense.

They're tired of having an immigration that is broken and they can't understand why they must pay 17% of GDP on healthcare when the rest of developed nations is only spending 10%. They are tired of politicians who sugar-coat everything they say and are almost all profoundly corrupt. I repeat that Americans are tired of POLITICIANS.

They've lost total respect for that breed of people. So they think that they might as well try to put a businessman in charge. If that individual further articulates loudly what a vast majority of folks think for themselves, but don't dare to express because of political correctness, the guy gets even more support. In addition, the Republican party has lost its footing by getting entangled in social issues driven by the Christian Right and while this might please some older adults, it doesn't get traction with young people and non-whites.

As I have said many times, Trump is the monster created by the Republicans who obstructed the entire Obama presidency and this creation has been fueled with extreme right radio hosts (be careful what you wish for!) In the end, another Clinton might prevail against a Trump, but there's no guarantee, because she is herself a questionable character who only want the presidency to further ingratiate and enrich herself. With her total lack of vision and ideas, she'd bring no needed change and put us further into a hole.

The only pure heart in the race is Sanders who unfortunately is both too old and far too radical. It's unfortunate to say, but quite probable, that the only character able to foster change is Trump. Bottom line: All is still up in the air...

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