Sunday, March 13, 2016


This morning while skiing, we rode a chair with a couple from Newport Beach, California that happened to own a condo in Park City.

They asked me what my favorite local restaurant was. I said Shabu on Main Street. Then they asked what was my second, then third choice... “River Horse, 350 Main” I said. The man said “350 Main offers a two-for-one”.

Then we realized that their quest for eateries was more a matter of two-for-one promo availability than gastronomy. That's when I said: “Would it not be nice if ski manufacturers offered a two-for-one promo; you'd pay for just one ski and get the whole pair!” They laughed.

That gave me courage to push the envelope a tad farther: “These two-for-one promos must have originated in Utah, in sync with Mormons and their plural wives; you marry one, you get two of them!” This time, they didn't laugh. These guy must have been religious and were a bit offended. Okay, I didn't start this stupid conversation...

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