Saturday, March 12, 2016

Love light bikes? Why not light skis?

While some folks spend thousands of dollars on carbon frames and lightweight components for their road-bikes, they seem oblivious of what lightweight ski equipment could do for them. Perhaps they still believe that the corollary of light skis is poor stability, so how can they bridge the chasm?

There are skis that accomplish this better than others! Lights skis are good when you have to carry them, especially if you burden them with bulky and heavy bindings. Lights skis are also able to pivot faster and with far less torque, a great virtue in tricky, irregular or bumpy terrain as well as between trees when they are used in forested areas.

It also make it a lot easier to hoist your skis up on the car rack if you have one and if your vehicle is a SUV, and if you are into alpine touring, a few less ounces can also make a huge difference. Of course, at the end of a long day, a less ponderous equipment won't exhaust you as fast.

There is no question that the discourse about light skis should also involve two other key components that can also make a huge difference in reducing the burden: Bindings and boots. There are indeed lightweight, plastic bindings that work fine, but here again, look for a compact design that won't just be lighter, but won't add to the overall moment of inertia of the ski-binding system and make a world of difference in terms of maneuverability.

Next of course, is the ski boot, where no serious attempt to conquer weight has been pursued since the days of the old Scott boot or the alpine Garmont line that where abandoned and have never been revisited.

If you don't think that carrying too much weight around is smart, look for the equipment that will lighten your burden and brighten your experience. Don't wait!

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