Thursday, February 23, 2012

About ski headgear...

Nature outfitted me with a rather large head. There used to be a time in my skier's life when ski hats were made big enough to cover it well. After the 80s however, ski hat production went to China and hat suppliers not content to amass huge margins on their “Made in Hong-Kong” and later “Made in China” hats, were also cutting corners and skimping on sizes.

In the past decade, my ski hats always wanted a divorce from my head and while I lost only one knit hat to a gust of wind (true story...), I always had my big ears exposed to the cold and the wind. Talking about my ears, those don't get along well with the Apple ear buds either, that literally won't stay in their cavities. The solution to that problem, which also solved the previous issue, was to wear an Inca-style knit hat. It did work, but I didn't like the way that particular style looked on me.

It's only when the portable video cam like GoPro came out that I decided to buy a helmet and use it as a filming platform. In the process, I discovered that the helmet would hold my ear buds securely in place, keep my head warm, serve as a container to store my head liner, goggles and gloves, plus make my head look twice as big! Did I say it was supposed to protect it?

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