Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Economic redux?

There is no question that the U.S. Economy is beginning to show signs of improvement. For one thing, we were hit far harder than any other developed nation, so it seem just right that our bounce be more spectacular. Now, how solid and serious is that economic recovery? No one seems really sure.

What is clear to me however is that we won't return to the pre-financial crash “go-go years” any time soon. First, that period was totally under “steroids,” was a sham and today, the rules of the game have drastically changed. We're no longer alone “looting” the world. Sharing the wealth as become the key word. We may return to times that are less stressful, a bit more comfy, but we won't go back to the excesses of the pre-2008 period.

For one thing we'll now need to get out of our financial hole, most likely through a combination of austerity and tax hikes, and this alone will take a long time and all of the above may come to fruition if nothing crazy that is man-made, or nature-induced, suddenly brings down our slow process of reconstruction...

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