Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who thought of battery life?

Life is always an elusive value. For humans, animals and vegetation alike. Objects wear out too and no later than yesterday, it was the turn of my car battery. The funny part about it is that the incident took place as I was waiting for a great parking spot to be freed at Canyons resort.

I turned off the ignition, waited for the skiers to take off their gear and clear the place. When they did, my car refused to start, standing still like an albatross, right in the middle of the parking alley.

We were lucky to run into two great guys; one with a big truck and another one with a set of jumper cables. Soon the car was running again and we rushed to the nearby garage to get a new battery. Less than forty five minute and $180 later, we were back, finding another free spot and ready to go skiing. Have you checked you battery lately?

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