Monday, February 27, 2012

Three things we forget when we ski...

Almost all skiers have found the hard way that their sport is the most counter-intuitive there is. Yet, after a while and miles later, we seem to get used to it. We remember most moves and are able to cope. What remains true however is that when the going gets tough, we all revert to the same errors whether we are seasoned veterans, world class skiers or recreational practitioners who only get on snow five days a year.

We all seem to make the same mistakes. Over the years, I have found that those are always the same and three of them stood out. Of course, none of them are intuitive and can seem to be developed as a reflex-response. I'll list them today and for the one that I haven't really covered in that blog, I plan to discuss them in detail at some later date.

We can greatly facilitate the initiation of a turn by orienting the upper body into the slope. Plays a huge role as the terrain becomes steeper and the conditions are more difficult.

Upright stance:
By keeping an upright stance at all times, we force our knees and ankles to work more actively in balancing us.

Total relaxation:
By “playing it cool” and by not fighting the mountain or “attacking” we become much more efficient and save our energies. Tension is the enemy, cost strain and goes again a smooth glide.

That's it for the moment. Make a mental note of these three enemies and look for practical, step by step solutions to eradicate them from your ski life!

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