Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Legitimizing the irrational

From the Republican Primary campaign to a more assertive Islam, the irrational is becoming common place in our lives and is taken for granted by most people. I haven't seen rabbit's foot hanging from all car rear-view mirrors yet, but we should get prepared.

When a man like Rick Santorum states that climate change is a so-called “theology” and doesn't stand up against the Bible's credibility, people should shake their heads and cringe, yet it seems that most American take that kind of statement without batting an eye.

I certainly agree that anyone is entitled to their irrational thoughts, from astrology, to popular superstition all the way to organized religion, but these weird and totally unproven concepts should never seep into political discourses and contaminate sane minds.

When I see that, I can only say that seemingly well-educated would be leaders in developed nations are no different than the Iranian mullahs, Talibans and other extremists...

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