Sunday, February 26, 2012

A solution to the Syrian crisis

Mrs Clinton's recent declarations about China and Russia, while totally right, were both harsh, undiplomatic and unlikely to persuade both countries to reconsider their veto.
While we all agree that nothing constructive and speedy can happen without the realignment of these two world powers into the general consensus, both need to be convinced that it's in their best interest to change their tune with regards to the Assad regime. Here's what I would propose via behind-the-scenes diplomatic contacts.

Russia: Suggest that unless the country doesn't join ranks with the rest of the world, the National Olympic Committees of Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States will boycott the Sochi Olympics.

China: Suggest that consumers are about to begin boycotting Chinese made products. Not in a massive (unrealistic) manner; the action would be progressive and that way could prove particularly devastating for the Chinese economy. At its inception, that move might entail 25% of a household consumption, but would increase to 33% and so on.

In both cases, give the two countries a one month time-frame to re-think their position before these “sanctions” begin to take effect. A simple, concerted diplomatic action that would bite these belligerent nation where it should.

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