Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A mean Facebook “friend”

I know a guy who had purportedly invented a ski binding that might protect against knee ACL injuries. In 2008, he was kicked out of the company he founded (KneeBinding) and has since being embroiled in law suit against that company while trying to develop and market his own version of the product. 
An artist rendering of the piece of hardware has appeared on line. What's remarkable is that he's trying to sell his ski binding today for 2018 delivery and against a $100 deposit, customers will “only have to pay” $600 instead of the $880, hefty sticker price.

When I saw that posted on Facebook, I commented that he was borrowing a page from Tesla that is selling its Model 3 the same way or even Richard Brandson selling his Virgin Galactic spacial excursion. In that context, my comment was rather complimentary.

That Facebook “friend” of mine didn't appreciate it though, and concluded that I must have been jealous; he added that when we were competitors – he, with the new defunct Geze bindings and me with Look – his market share in America had gone from 2 to 20% while mine went from 20 down to 2%; a patently false and egregious statement.

I think this mad ski binding inventor mentally “pre-released” and needs some TLC...

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