Thursday, November 3, 2016

Value of electoral polls?

Ever since that presidential campaign began in earnest, we've been deluged with polling calls. Until now, we've bravely ignored them all and it's only last night that I picked one up. Boy, things have changed since 2012!

Today, we're talking about fully automatized phone calls. A robot talks to you and for each question asks you only have to press on 1, 2, 3, etc. and cast your answer. There's no human involved in the interaction; just a machine, and because of that, one feels much freer to say what one's want, and why not, make stories up!

This dawned on me as I was progressing in the questionnaire. Why would I say for whom I exactly voted in 2012? None of this pollsters business, right? Also, the annoyance of these incessant polling calls has been taking their toll, making us angry at that system of prying into our plans.

At the end, this made me think very seriously about the reliability of the new electoral poll we read every morning...

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