Tuesday, August 8, 2017

History, the handrail against forgetfulness?

Do you remember what you did yesterday, 10 days ago, one year ago, 10 years ago, or – try this one – 55 years ago, if you've spent enough time on earth to formulate the question?

Depending on how busy you are, overworked you happen to be, already demented or just too far away in times from these events, the answer could be “No” to all of them and most of us would understand it.

Only a select few events that have triggered strong emotions stay on my mental dashboard. All the rest require digging and sometime a more than we would like to. This is why I try to document my life via blogs, a daily activity summary or a few other tools that are ways of writing my own history.

These records have come to my rescue more often than not and this is why I cherish sound, precise and honest history.

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