Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Overnight explosion!

When we landscaped our new home, we planted a Siberian peashrub, this bush, also known as Caragana arborescens, is a species native to Siberia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. It was brought to America by immigrants, who used it as a food source while traveling west.

I like that bush and have salvaged its seeds in the hope of seeing more of them around the house. Like with any common pea, its seeds are found inside a pod. So I've collected a cup full of the ripen ones and left them for several days sitting on my office table.

When I got in, this morning, there were peas and exploded pods all over the table and floor with the pods twisted in spirals, as if some lilliputian terrorist had blown up the place. Since there was no blood in sight, I picked up and cleaned up everything, thanking god for sparing my life from a stray nasty little bullet!

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