Monday, March 20, 2017

Another miracle...

On December 26 of last year, the MCL in my left knee began to hurt significantly while I began to ski with my daughter who came home for the Holidays.

What caused this, I don't know, but after some quick research on the net, Dr. Go11 determined that it was a ligament inflammation that required some rest in order to heal. No doctor visit, no orthopedic clinic, no rehab.

I just thought that patience, moderation and time would be the answer to the problem, so back in January when our new snow was so great and so fluffy I missed 17 days of fun.

 I resumed skiing in February, wore a brace religiously, gradually returned to my favorite kind of snow and terrain, and little by little the pain went away; finally, as of yesterday, I could hardly feel it at all.

That's must be right, self-healing still exist!

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