Thursday, March 30, 2017

The lone skier

It would be fair to say that I ski alone three-quarters of my time. This is not that I'm asocial, but I find it hard to seek a skiing mate that just happens to be available and ready to go when I am open to ski, not mentioning that, with age, my old buddies ski less often and prefer tamer terrain and conditions.

Aside from my family, with whom I ski whenever I get a chance to, I have grown accustomed to skiing by myself and by so doing I enjoy a great number of advantages. I decide when I go, when I return and what I ski. I don't have to wait for anyone – or God forbid, try to keep up the pace with a very strong skier.

I can also explore hair-raising spots without reservation or feeling any sense of responsibility for a companion. Skiing as a group is a process that is often marred by the weakest link in the chain (or the worst skier in the party).
Since I love skiing so much, I'm never bored and never count on someone else to show me a new place or a new spot, plus when I ski, I'm like a kid in a candy store: I'm always overwhelmed by my options...

I'm plenty curious to explore, revisit and try new itineraries. I'm not under the impression that I miss anything on my own, and I've skied alone for so long that it's become second nature to me!