Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The power of dreams

A few days ago, I came across an old Jacques Brel interview from 1971 in which the Belgian pop singer was sharing some interesting insights about life in general. Some of it was excellent, some misogynist (the piece was 45 years old!) and some just a bit weird. I just wanted to share some of his best views with you.

First, Brel talked about success; to him, success was the mere realization of one's dreams. He asserted that talent didn't exist per se, but was the result of wanting to accomplish something badly... To him wanting to turn a dream into reality was where talent was at.

He continued by saying that generally, we're all just telling stories about dreams that we fail to realize. He also contented that at the end of one's teenage years, a person has been exposed to all of their possible dreams; perhaps unknowingly but that it was sure that at that stage in live, anyone would knows what they wanted in life, be it glory, security or adventure.

Later in life, when one reminisces, their unfulfilled dreams resurface and like the frustrated novelist who threatens to write a book someday, too many of us never seize the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality...

That propensity to dream make males nomads, always antsy to discover what's going on onto the other side, until a female stops them in their track, wants a baby and retain them in place in spite of the fact that they remains wandering nomads all their life, if not in action, definitely in dreams...

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