Saturday, March 18, 2017

No longer a fan of dual slalom event...

Yesterday, as I watched the ski team event in Aspen, I became less enamored with that attempt of making ski racing visually enticing.
It's hard for me to explain why I'm not getting enthused by this race format, yet I'll attempt to explain why. 
  • Too easy: Compared to other alpine events, this one seems too easy because of its limited length, regular gate setting and slope uniformity; it's a huge letdown from the level of challenge ski world cup races are known for.
  • Too short: This “sprint” form of ski racing doesn't simply last long enough to allow for a full appreciation of a skier's technique and potential.
  • Luck plays a big role: Under direct peer pressure, racers are more likely to DNF or miss their start.
  • Afterthought event: Since it remains a marginal discipline to fill holes, few or perhaps no athletes seriously trains for it and it shows...
  • Poor TV coverage: Filming angles need to be reworked, with for instance overhead shots that would show a better view of skiers' differences. Profile and close up shots don't work well.
  • Conclusion: After several decades of “trying” the World Pro Tour failed using this very format and perhaps there's a lesson for FIS to consider...

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