Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Are ski resorts marketing aces?

Not all of them are as you might guess. Yesterday, we decided to visit Snowbasin ski resort to avoid a crowded Park City, overflowing with 4th of July festivities. 
The resort owned by an oil and hospitality tycoon that also possessed Sun Valley, Idaho, in his portfolio, hosted the speed ski events at the 2002 Olympics. It's only 45 minutes from our home, the skiing is excellent, and in summer, it's a very scenic drive. We wanted to see if the resort has changed much since the last time we skied there in April of 2008. 

Well, the place is pretty much the same with its colossal and luxurious lodges, but still no lodging, restaurants and shops nearby. The resort has not even a place where they sell food and refreshments at its base. Instead, the resort expect visitors to fork up $12 dollars for a gondola ride that will get them to their Needle restaurant at the top of the mountain. 

Just do the math: For two, a lunch become an expensive proposition that adds $24 to the tab before you place your order, and as any dummy would expect it, very few people choose this foolish option. For these hungry, grounded visitors, there's only one option; drive 10 miles down to the dinky town of Hunstville and try their luck there. 

This sure is not genius or even average marketing at work, it's just dismal plain and simple; shocking, but alas, not that surprising!

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