Friday, July 8, 2016

Lying: A fast growing sport

Let's be realistic; lying has become so convenient and so user-friendly that more and more individuals are using it. Hillary Clinton is setting a national example.
Lying works especially well for her, especially with her a tough skin and her total lack of of shame; her husband Bill gave her much material to practice on and now she's become a pro in the specialty.

It's true that you get used to being confronted by your accusers and if you can remain stoic when found out, how much can it hurt after some serious practice?

If you really pay attention, it's not just our national politicians that excel at that sport, but a growing number of citizens have taken upon the practice of lying casually, sometime to embellish their lives or to simply get out of a sticky situation.

We hear what they say, deep inside we know it's untrue, and the world continues to spins by...

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