Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Promising jobs

In this election season, nothing is easier to find than politicians offering to create jobs or bringing back full and well-paid employment in the USA. Well, this will be a hard promise to keep, especially if the jobs promised are supposed to be good and decently remunerated.

Look at it this way; our active population is growing and simultaneously, our automation and robotics are growing too, but at even much faster rate.

When the old factory employed hundreds of workers twenty years ago, today's same plant can do with just 20 engineers with an army of robots, and the trend will still pick up momentum.

Of course, this kind of topic isn't something that will get a politician elected, but while it just gets swept under the rug, it still remains the dire reality. Plenty of underpaid menial jobs will remain available for a while as long as the inexpensive robots that can do anything human finally hit the market.

Bottom line, the full-employment picture isn't just grim, it is already a pipe dream, which is why ideas like paying folks for doing nothing isn't as weird as it might seem; we've simply not quite adjusted to it! http://go-11.blogspot.com/2016/06/wheres-my-guaranteed-basic-income.html

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