Friday, July 15, 2016

Cultural diversity and cultural maturity...

Modern society has a knack for mixing everything and by doing so, constantly deceiving us. Western society's intellectuals are in awe before cultural diversity and tend to find the concept so virtuous and so enriching that questioning it is often received as being retrograde and overly conservative.

The only problem with that assessment is that while cultures are different in tone and customs, they are not all homogeneous either when it comes to maturity. If Western society and culture are in synch with our times, far too many cultures are still stuck into the middle ages if not some Jurassic times and this is where the problem lies.

To be acceptable and capable of being assimilated in any society, a different culture must be in synch with its host country when it comes to social and intellectual development. If not, we have a never-ending recipe for permanent holy-war.

We should perhaps ask these cultures' religious leaders to fast-forward their thinking, but I don't see them receptive at all, any time soon!

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