Monday, January 2, 2017

A nightmarish wake-up call...

Two days ago was New Year Eve. As usual, we went to bed early (around 10 pm) as we've never had any patience to wait until midnight after a traditionally busy and festive week.

We simply called it another night and 2016 a dismal year with a terrible election outcome and nothing to rejoice about.

Then around midnight, the neighborhood exploded with firecrackers noises lit up with fireworks too. We stayed calmly in bed in the hope that 2017 wouldn't be as bad as it portends to be.
Of course, we've held this way of reasoning every-time we awaken since November 9 (the day after the election) and our new American Nightmare is here to stay for a long while, all too real.

What is for sure is that – as a Nation – We certainly deserved this harsh wake-up call. Whatever happened to the American Dream?

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