Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Forty years ago today...

This was a Monday and after flying from Geneva to Paris, I met Roland Cattin and Philippe Blime, two top execs at Look, at Charles de Gaulle airport to board our flight to New York.

I was beginning a new life and a new career in the United States. The day before I was still teaching skiing at Avoriaz and had left my wife alone in France while I started my job in Westchester County, New York.

I would return twice to France that winter, teach a bit while I was home and preparing for our big move in May. Back in that January day, I was filled with both apprehension and excitement, was eager to learn and see my American dream ready to unfold.

This fateful decision to leave everything behind had been experienced by millions of people before me and is one that we've questioned on many occasions.

Today, the time is no longer about questioning, but reminiscing, and on the whole, it still seems to me that it was a good move for everyone's involved...

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