Sunday, January 8, 2017

Don't write, call you member of congress!

Like many people I've often found convenient to contact my Congress person (Representative and Senators) via email, but after all what I've read, I've concluded that this was a royal waste of time.

I should call them instead when I am not pleased with what's going with our government and if we all do this not only we'll make them go nuts, but they might also begin to pay attention.

And paying attention they'll need to, with the crazy ideas that their leadership as well as the new “Tweeter in Chief” will be promoting. So, with no further ado, I've decided to put their three numbers on speed dial and will call them on a maddening, regular fashion.
If we all do that, we might get some good change going, so just find your representative (you only have one), your two senators, make a note of their numbers, program them into your phone, plaster them on your desk, your kitchen counter and begin calling the hell out of them, especially if they're republicans.

Be nice and courteous with the interns that pick up the phone and remember that they are just volunteers. Good luck!

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