Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump's wall on insanity

Intuitively, I've always thought that Trump's wall idea was as idiotic as it was naive. For one thing, we should first enforce our immigration laws and go after the illegals that are in the country now.

At that point we could either deport them or make them pay a hefty fine, or why not, offer them to stay, with a green card against a hefty payment that could either be in full or staggered over a long period of time like student loans are.

Going back to the wall idea, we are told that it might cost $15 billions, but expect it to cost up to $30 or $50 billion when all is said and done, not to mention maintenance and plugging up tunnels that “El Chapo” type Mexicans will dig under the fence.

Then, with the wall built, illegal can still enter from the sea, either on the entire Atlantic or Pacific coasts. The most fortunate or astute who get to Canada, would then have a wall-free border to cross. Better yet, why not simply board a plane in Mexico City like up to 40% illegal immigrant do, clear the U.S. Customs perfectly legally and simply overstay their visitor's visa.

There's also a well established “circular flow” of immigrants that come to work in the United States and then cross back to Mexico to their homes and family. A wall would trap all these folks inside the U.S. and the number of illegal would soar.

Finally, since Mexico said to Trump that he could stick his wall in his rear end, we, we the U.S. Taxpayers would have to pay for that monstrosity. Another unintended consequence. As anyone with brain can understand, building a wall between us and Mexico is simply a demented idea.

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