Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dinner with a Trump supporter

Last night we invited one of our neighbors for dinner and while we avoided bringing up politics to the table, the husband, a die-hard republican, couldn't avoid praising Trump (even though he claimed he didn't vote for the man – Wow!).

His wife who said she voted for the Libertarian candidate wasn't as adamant about Donald Trump.

I pushed back as strongly as I could, trying to remain a civil host, on the account that the man was 1) a jerk, 2) a hypocrite and 3) a potential tyrant. In the end we agreed to disagree in the most civil way but by nonetheless standing on our respective positions.

Today, after watching a rather defensive and overly controlled press conference by the soon-to-be “Reigning Duck”, I felt that I was perfectly right to stand my ground and that my first fears about the out-control-leader were well grounded...

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