Saturday, January 7, 2017

Coping by using humor and laughter?

Life never fails to serve us with more than our fair share of unpleasant situations. These tough times, in turn, grind us down and are exacting a terrible toll on us. It then seems normal and unavoidable to let sadness, anger, negativity or gloom set upon us and see our lives spiral down.

As you might expect, there's always a counter-measure to that dismal turn of events and it can be found under the form of fun, humor and laughter. Training ourselves to use these might come in very handy. But we need to make a conscious effort to incorporate that response into our lives.

Perhaps, the most destabilizing and constant event is Change. Of all the scary things that rock our lives, this one is permanent. It causes us to be scared and panicked and deprives us to look at its potential fun sides and other silver linings as small as these can be.

Humor and laughter are time-proven stress-removing tools too. Our only trouble is that we don't think about them when we need them most. We just need to cultivate that mental habit to seek their soothing help.

Of course this comes hand-in-hand with choosing our attitude and again, opting for the sunny, instead of the shady side of life, takes conscious efforts and repetition, but is worth its weight in gold.

Finally, there is the comfort of feeling more in control when we are able to extricate ourselves out of an unpleasant situation and create a pleasant and joyful place instead.

So, at the end of the day, if we can turn gloom and desperation into fun and games, we've done ourselves a huge favor. Let's get to work!

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