Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The power of habit

I have a friend who only seem to enjoy skiing the same resort, the same lift and, for the most part, the same chosen runs. So, my next, obvious question is to ask myself, why? There might be countless reasons.

Generally speaking, we're all creatures of habit and some of us crave familiarity. No fear, no unknown, less possibility of failure or accident there. No need to adapt fast, regroup or re-strategize on a whim. We also stand a better chance of looking our best when we roam places we know like our back pocket.

All this sounds great but isn't my cup of tea.

I like too much to discover, explore, learn and feel destabilized instead of comfortably settling inside a rut.

But, hey! That's just me, the usual iconoclast with my own unpredictability...

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