Monday, June 19, 2017

June, the month for tuning skis?

In years past, I've always dusted off the family skis sometime in November, usually one or two days before the local resorts would open, the snow would begin to fall seriously or the day before I'd be ready to start skiing.

Usually, it was cold, dark, there was no time to procrastinate, it just had to be done. This routine changed this year as I decided to do it outside, on my front, lower patio, in perfect light conditions, comfortable temperatures, and just wearing shorts and t-shirt instead of bundling up.

I worked on four pairs of skis. Two of mine, my wife's and daughter's. Their skis were in far better shape than mine, reflecting both their greater care and my innate brutality.

I repaired the bases, did the edges but didn't wax. I'll wait for ski day #1 for this!

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