Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Yesterday Skype, now Facebook?

Most people are familiar with Skype. A select few use it a lot; I don't and I typically never use it when I'm on my computer as I find it a bit disruptive.

I've since migrated this app to my smartphone. Yet, when I check, I see very view folks on Skype at any given moment and this makes it hard to actually use.

A few days ago, my son called me from France on Father's Day, via Facebook Messenger (he was just doing a voice-call). I was a bit startled by the unusual ringtone, mangled the communication and had to call him back.

Instead of doing a voice-only call, I hit the video button and we had a video-chat that worked every bit as good as with Skype, if not better.

Since, more people are stuck on Facebook at any given time of the day, Facebook Messenger might take the place of Skype as far as I'm concerned...

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