Thursday, June 22, 2017

LGBT and today's culture

We just saw “Real Boy” another documentary film about a young transgender and her/his struggle with family, friends and society.

By the end of the movie, I realized the deep disconnect that exists between the entire LGBT community and society with its deep ignorance and unpreparedness, that is more noticeable and ingrained in its main institutions like family, school, government and religion.

Being LGBT is a probability at birth, just like any physical variation from what could be called the human norm. Let's say that it is 8 percent likely that any child will be born with LGBT traits just as some are born with flat feet, autism or dyslexia.

If society at large fully embraced that potentiality and expected its manifestation, there wouldn't be all the trauma, suffering and ostracism that are part an parcel of being LGBT. In that regard, our culture is flawed and is long overdue for change.

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