Sunday, June 11, 2017

The law of unintended consequences

Last Friday, we stopped by a neighborhood garage sale, as we often do when we walk around the block.
Usually, there's nothing grabbing our attention, but this time I found a nice folding ladder in excellent condition for just $35! I've got already one of these, but the price was too good to pass.

Then, as I returned with my car to pick up my prize, I also noticed a Foosball table that looked brand new and was also priced at $35! I thought we could have lots of fun with it every time my grandson comes to visit us.

Since the table and its spindles were over 50 inches wide, I couldn't fit it in my car and had to get a friend's Land-Cruiser to carry the monster back home.

When I got there, I realized that one of the four legs was broken and before I had time to think, I spent my entire weekend fixing the damned broken limb and discovered some other damaged and mising items as I spent more time exploring the underbelly of that piece of sporting goods furniture.

All this to say that we never know what we are getting into, each time we innocently venture into some seemingly harmless project!

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