Monday, April 18, 2016

Claude Mérandon 1946-2016

Yesterday, as I checked my emails, I learned that my Cluses schoolmate from the early 60s had passed following a short hospitalization, just shy of his 70th birthday.

We only spent a couple of years in the same class, and while we were never particularly close, I learned to appreciate him a lot as we got together again during class reunions in recent years. Throughout, Claude made very good choices and had a successful life.

From the get go, Claude was a mature, quiet and driven individual who seemed to have the gift of knowing where he was going while most of his classmates were still adrift, figuring what next move ought to be. His career was deeply involved into mechanical construction in the Cluses Valley and took him into management and owning his own company.

Once retired in 2006, he remained very active with cycling, skiing and hiking and became a very talented woodworker. A family man, Claude was married to Mireille for almost half a century and together had a boy, a girl and two grandsons.

At the time of his death, Claude was busy organizing our 50th school reunion slated for early June. We will all miss him a lot!

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