Saturday, April 9, 2016

The day my wife left me...

Yesterday as we were skiing with an old friend from Vail and his buddies, we all rode a small chairlift used mostly to provide access to large, ski-in, ski-out, private homes around the Colony, in the Canyons section of Park City.

That little two-seater chair is a bit idiosyncratic in that it features three unloading options. So, before we loaded it, I warned the entire group that they should all unload at the very last stop, near the new, Quicksilver Gondola loading station.

To make sure no one would stray, my wife and I took the lead and as we were almost reaching destination, just at the penultimate stop, my wife slipped away from me and got stuck one stop short of the completed itinerary. She probably wasn't paying attention, unless she wanted to leave me for good, which might always be a possibility.

So here she was, one hill and one paved road away from the rest of our group. Of course and as usual, she didn't take her cell phone with her! I instructed my friends to go ahead, ride up the gondola and wait for us at the Miners' Camp, one of Park City mid-mountain restaurant, while I was searching for my better-half.

After half an hour of skiing down to the next lift I finally got with the Park City dispatcher who tracked her down with her pass. A good hour later we eventually got reunited. While we certainly can blame the complexity of trail network for the incident, I was impressed by the friendly, supportive and efficient work of the entire Park City staff!

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