Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's in a name?

Each ski resort has its own way of naming trail names and Deer Valley Resort is no exception with its trail network named after mining claims from the mid-1800 to the mid-1900.

I know them now very well with the exception of a few special areas that were named after local individuals or special incidents. For instance, there's that spot by the reservoir, off Homeward Bound, called “Knuckles Knob”, called after a ski patroller. "DT Trees", by Square Deal were named after DT, another ski patrolman.

When Mayflower was built, the trees between "Free Thinker" and "Narrow Gauge", always fun to ski on great snow years, were first called “Sherwood Forest”, and morphed into “Sherwin Forest” in honor of a late Mountain Host called Chris Sherwin.

Then there's also a series of portmanteau names like “Margus”, a treed area around Lady Morgan located between "Magnet" and "Argus", there's also “Kabob” for the trees situated between "Nabob" and "Keno", and “Evercoon” to designate the aspen grove found between "Evergreen" and "Tycoon".
Finally, my favorite: A forested spot on top of Lady Morgan where two guys were caught skiing before there was even a lift there: “Two idiots”, the best-named run by my book!

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